The importance of outsourcing post Pandemic when selecting a partner for your B2B back-office services.

Covid 19 has hastened the shift to digital for so many businesses. It has highlighted the importance of technology and has transformed many businesses. Moving forward there are some steps that should be considered by Micro and SME’s.  Did you know 7 in 10 British businesses outsource key services? 

Outsourcing makes sense for every organisation and the business case for outsourcing varies. Here are some of the advantages using my acronym – REMAIN 

  1. Reduce overheads
  2. Extend your reach into new markets
  3. Manage short term unpredictable needs
  4. Access specialist skills 
  5. Improve performance
  6. New ideas and approaches 

Before you begin your search for your outsourcing partner its important you create a list/matrix of the criteria you are looking for.  This way you can compare each provider using a scoring mechanism. The items you should consider are: 

Size, agility, expertise, qualifications, pricing, flexibility, contract terms, transparency. 

OrangeStripe OutSourcing has been able to provide a continued service and with a flexible approach and has discovered how we are valued as a team member by so many of our clients. We are able to network between clients, provide specialist knowledge where necessary and help with the technology that working from home has forced us all to embrace. 

If you are looking to outsource some of the services we offer, please speak to me today or email.